Totem Tribe 2

Enkord, computer game developing company, is ready to introduce its another project. As you have already guessed, Totem Tribe 2 is a sequel of the like-named game. As well as the first part, Totem Tribe 2 represents a brilliant example of Strategy & Simulation game with some Hidden Object elements. Such a varied combination of gaming categories lets the players change their attention from one game genre to another, thus making them remain enthusiastic and interested in the gameplay. Totem Tribe 2 is not just a renewed copy of the previous part and has got absolutely different improvements. The main of them is resource gathering. This introduction adds strategical elements to the game, develops the storyline and complicates the gameplay of Totem Tribe 2. Moreover, an appreciable advantage of this game which differs it from the first one is that you can create your own game characters. You will learn and practice much more details of Totem Tribe 2, if you tarry the game soon release.