Fiction Fixers: Adventures in Wonderland

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Memory: 1024 MB
DirectX: 9.0c
CPU: 1 GHz

Who can boast of reading Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"? Since not everyone is fond of classic literature or reading books at all, Fiction Fixers: Adventures in Wonder, all-new game project presented by Fugazo, will familiarize you with the world-shaking storyline in entertaining manner. The gist of the gameplay is to guide Alice safely through the Wonderland and help her overcome all hindrances there. With the very first minutes of the game you will fall in love with its wonderful sceneries and pleasing environment. Thanks to Fugazo's neat artwork and fully animated characters the fairy world of Wonderland revives in a vivid way that close to the 1951 Walt Disney animated movie rather than Tim Burton's recently-released film adaptation, whose style and atmosphere were much obscurer. According to the game plot, you are to follow Alice as she navigates Wonderland to be convinced of the correctness interpretation of the main idea of the original book. A strange person who stole the book in the fist place, who proves to be a member of a loathsome organization of "Illiterati," appears oft to obstruct key scenes and it is up to you to regulate them. For instance, the first scene makes Alice go to the rabbit hole when you realize that the Illiterati has put sharp objects in the bed of leaves below for her to slander! So you ought to make Alice landing spot safe again by completing a hidden object puzzle that has you clearing the background out from sharp objects like swords, harpoons and hedge trimmers. The game involves also plenty of inventory puzzles and challenging mini-games. Fiction Fixers: Adventures in Wonderland will delight players pretty soon, have an eye on it!