FATE: The Cursed King

FATE: The Cursed King by Wild Tangent is a game, which invites you into the world of fantasy and breathtaking adventures and gets you involved into a complicated storyline. FATE: The Cursed King will gladden all the players, who show preference for Arcade & Action games. We can't say a lot about the gameplay or the challenges set before the players, 'cause we want to keep some intrigue! All we can share with you is that FATE: The Cursed King is the fourth game of the FATE series and is full of splendid graphical effects, new characters and, of course, unexpected aftergrowths. If you want to take part in some gripping battle, to try new kinds of weapon and to fight with powerful enemies, FATE: The Cursed King Arcade & Action game is what you really need! You are awaited by everything described above, and you have to wait a little the soon game release!