Buccaneer Slots

Pentium 200 or better 64 Mb RAM or better 640x480 display resolution or better

It is a well known fact that pirates lead a very exciting life, but also a very dangerous life that might lead them to prison or death any time. Exactly because of this, every pirate likes to carefully hide all his treasure in a treasure chest, somewhere far away, where it is hard to find. If you open that chest, you will find money, gold, jewelry, gems and coins and pearls - believe us, you would be very rich! Well, in this great gambling game called Buccaneer Slots you found a pirate hidden treasure chest, just like the one we talked about, and you are ready to claim the loot, but before you can open the chest, you must pass the test of your slots skills. If you decide to play now the game, or if you download free this game, then you should just place your bet, pull the lever and wait for the coins to start raining! This pirate-themed slots game is a very interesting for every skilled gambler, and Buccaneer Slots promise a big reward! Play this game now, or download it for free, and try your luck with the slots in Buccaneer Slots game!