Ball Attack

PII-600 / 64M RAM / 16M Video 3D, Windows XP, DirectX 9.0

Ball Attack is the original variant of classical games of sort "ball-and-bricks". Particular details and original solutions bring to this game the new look and the unique feelings! The objective of the Ball Attack is to make a way through the brick's blocks, to be attentive ant to have a fun! This game does not let you weaken your feelings because every minute you have to destroy the objects and use the weapons to make a way, and you see the impressive destruction of hundreds of bricks! This game checks not only your agility but also your quick-wittedness. Some types of bricks can be the same that they are in the analogous games, but there are several numbers of new types of bricks. They can be smaller but more plentiful on the level, and on some levels there are the new units and it makes the new original appearance and new challenge to the Ball Attack. There are many new power-ups, new bonuses that help you to destroy the brick's blocks or even to dust them in few seconds, make your way and achieve the levels! This game is livelier and more interesting that his analogs. Any game player will enjoy Ball Attack.