Super Blocks

Pentium II or better 128 Mb RAM or better 800x600 display resolution or better

The objective of this game called Super Blocks is to prevent the game field from filling with the cubes. You can do this by clicking on blocks. When you pop the cubes, everything above or around collapses on them. You can also get bonuses for playing well. In Stalagmite game the cubes appear at the bottom of the field, while in Stalactite game they grow from the top. You can also enable the Arcade mode, which allows level transition without stopping the game and clearing the game field. Every next level demands you to get faster and faster. Block is a figure that consists of three or more cubes of the same color. To burn any block you need just to click on any of its cubes. There are some black bombs in the game. You can click on a black bomb to blow up cubes around it, otherwise it is treated like a cube of any color. Besides, color bombs are not usual bombs. They blow up every cube of the same color in the field, or are treated like cubes of that color. Have fun playing or downloading on your PC this game named Super Blocks!