Land of Runes

OS: WindowsXP,DirectX9.0 PII-600/64MRAM/16MVideo3D,

You are on a faraway island, lost somewhere in the ocean. Go through jungles, and you will find a village situated at the bottom of a big mountain. Till recently its inhabitants lived in peace and harmony with nature. But one of these days an ancient volcano became restless, and panic and chaos came to the village. Impending disaster was threatening the natives' lives! Fortunately, the tribe's High Magician managed to silence the fire-spitting monster, but only for a short period. To quiet the volcano forever someone has to acquire a powerful artifact. The Magician's apprentice is going to do it. He's already got a map, so, he knows the way to the artifact now. However, the road is full of runes, which have to be moved away. Help the young hero clear the way to the artifact and save his natives! To delete runes match them by color in groups of three or more. You can look at sets from different angles to destroy ordinary, unique, damaged and other kinds of runes. Numerous bonuses will accompany you, they are: the Golden Coin with extra-points, the Sundial with extra-time, the Bomb to destroy batches of runes and many others. All this is to help you complete each level before the given time runs out! Hey, if you worked hard enough, you'll get trophies! There are lots of them! Just have a look at their names: Brave Hero Medal, Amulet, Wise Man's Talisman, Flute of Harmony. Impressive? Then set to work! And don't forget, the whole tribe is watching you with sinking heart full of hopes!