Funny Buttons

Pentium 200 or better 64 Mb RAM or better 640x480 display resolution or better

To all of us it looks really boring when our mothers or our great grandmothers are sewing, and some of us are really afraid of needles. Whatever your reason may be, you must be really hating sewing. But imagine it being really fun and actually you playing the sewing game! That would be the most awesome thing ever! That is why Funny Buttons is such a great game for all players, especially for the youngest ones! It can show you how fun is to play with sewing, by putting together buttons with a needle and some thread. The best thing about this game is that it is so colorful, the graphics are so bright and vivid, that you will absolutely enjoy it, even if you hate sewing. The sound effects are great and they add up to the overall fun in the game! If you decide to download Funny Buttons on your PC, you should know that you will have a lot of fun. But, be a good friend, and tell your friends from school all about this game so that they can have some fun too. Complete many levels, compete with your friends and enjoy Funny Buttons!